boutique fitness.

All of our workouts are designed to be customisable depending on your level of fitness. You only need to have the drive and motivation to get and stay fit. Our workouts will push you out of your comfort zone while being modified to your specific level of fitness to remain safe, efficient and effective.



Adrien Toro

head coach / founder

BsC Exercise Science – Health & Human Anatomy

Crossfit Level 1

Poliquin Periodisation & Program Design

Adrien holds a wealth of knowledge about the human body functions. Over the last 10 years he has studied the work of Strength Coach Charles Poliquin, Olympic lifting, Crossfit, and Gymnastics. He believes that health and fitness is not just a physiological adaptation but also a psychological and one cant not work without the other. His passion is to teach and educate the community about his experiences with these modalities, as he believes they are the key to longevity. In his spare time Adrien enjoys skateboarding, surfing, golf and hanging with his mates.


Dexter Wright


Crossfit Level 1

Certified Yoga Instructor

Dexter started his fitness career by becoming a certified yoga instructor before going on to become a certified personal trainer. He is continuously attending seminars and courses to personally develop himself, and his clients, to the highest possible level. Above all else he is a lover of strength, conditioning, olympic weightlifting and rehabilitation but also has a background in bodybuilding, gymnastics and sport specific training.
After injuring himself due to the negligence of a poor personal trainer, Dexter strives for perfection when correcting his clients technique and is a firm believer in “technique first, weights second.”
He spends his down time surfing, hanging with mates, training hard and learning harder, studying sport science at Curtin university.
He is friendly, outgoing, knowledgeable and genuine in wanting to help every person that steps into the gym be the best version of themselves.


Fabiano Buganza


Kettlebell Level 2

Strength & Conditioning Coach Level 1

Powerlifting Australia Level 1

Rehabilitation Concepts Course

Foundations of Functional Training & Lifting

Foundations of Mobility & Screening

Hailing from Italy – Fabiano (Fab) started his fitness journey over 10 years ago after losing 20kg as a teenager. Fab is extremely enthusiastic about fitness and takes great personal and professional satisfaction from improving the health and well-being of his clients. He has a wealth of knowledge in strength training with a dedicated focus on technique in order to avoid injury and improve body mechanics. Fab is passionate about body re-composition helping clients to trim body fat and build lean muscle mass. In his downtime, he is an avid outdoorsman.