our programs.

All of our workouts are designed to be customisable depending on your level of fitness. You only need to have the drive and motivation to get and stay fit. Our workouts will push you out of your comfort zone while being modified to your specific level of fitness to remain safe, efficient and effective.

Which option is best for you?

A whole range to suit all.


Our strength and conditioning sessions will give you a solid foundation for good movement patterns and new skills. An hour long strength class combines foundational movements such as the deadlift, squat, pull-up and benchpress. It will make you stronger, fitter and more mobile. We focus on functional compound movements to make you stronger while remaining injury-free.

If your looking to improve your strength, power musculature and bulletproof your body this is the program for you.


During these sessions, we combine resistance training, cardio machines and functional movements. This translates into a boost of your metabolism, improved cardiovascular fitness and an increase in endorphins. We use a multidisciplinary approach to our metabolic conditioning to prevent overly repetitive workouts. This reduces your risk of injury and increase your fitness level at a faster pace.

If your looking to improve your aerobic capacity, this is the program for you.


Our mobility program is designed to help increase your mobility and range of motion. As you get stronger, your body will be aligned. Adding gymnastics sessions to your workouts allows you to correct weak spot for better lifting, adjust your posture to fix pain points, and stay flexible. We believe gymnastics helps athletes develop a combination of strength, flexibility, coordination and balance that’s not seen in any other training method.

If your looking to improve your flexibility, prevent injury and become a more supple version of yourself, this is the class for you.

personal training

If your looking for a more specific and personalised program, we have a range of trainers with deep expertise and skillsets in many different areas to help you achieve your specific goals.